EV's Chargers

The deployment of charging infrastructure in line with electric vehicle inventory is a key enabler
of the switch to alternative fuels and to a largely zero-emission vehicle fleet by 2050. The
Puerto Rico Law 17 policy objective is to make electric vehicle charging as easy as filling a
conventional vehicle tank, so that electric vehicles can travel without difficulty right across the
Island. The charge required will vary by type of vehicle, its range and its usage. Fleet vehicles
servicing large movement of inventories will require more charge that a privately owned sedan.
REMCoop is committed to support the increase of the vehicle inventory currently constrained
by a weak charging infrastructure and the availability of slow capital investments to improve
the charging infrastructure. REMCoop is in the business of facilitating the Fast (DC) chargers
and the Ultra Fast (DC) chargers. See the image above for the speed of charging any type of